Tips On Using Your Natural Stone Drink Dispenser

2014 August 27
by Karen

One of the best new bar gifts to hit the scene this year are the incredibly cool Natural Stone Beverage Dispensers that are handcrafted in New Hampshire. PeopleStone Drink Dispenser love them because they’re truly a funky way to house your favorite booze for dispensing at parties. They’re sturdy, hefty, and add an all-natural aesthetic to the bar area.

To get the most out of your stone dispenser, be sure to follow these tips:

1) Always flush the dispenser with fresh water before use, especially if it’s been a while since your last party. This helps clear out any dust – definitely not something you want to land in your wine.

2) When attaching a bottle, always place the rock dispenser upside down on the bottle. Turn over the bottle and dispenser together as one and enjoy!

3) Avoid using carbonated beverages. Although the result of turning a carbonated beverage upside down is always fun, it’s also quite messy!

4) Be sure to select a rock dispenser with a stainless steel valve. Other valves have been known to cause leakage.

5) Stick to regular size wine and liquor bottle and don’t keep the bottle in place for long-term storage. Natural stone can be porous and while most dispensers are tested for leakage beforehand, keeping the liquid in place for long periods of time can lead to the stone sweating liquid.

6) Be sure to add a granite riser for a nice, raised appearance on your bar.

You can find both the Granite Cobblestone or Natural Stone Drink Dispenser with stainless steel valve and pre-tested for leakage right here. Right now they are still being offered with free shipping, too. Rock on!



Personalized Soap Gifts Made in USA

2013 April 16
by Karen

Need a spring pick-me-up for your bathroom? Give it the high-end look with these new personalized soap bars. Crafted from all natural ingredients, each soap bar can be personalized with an initial, monogram, or even a 3-line phrase. Paired with fresh, new towel colors these carved soaps add a touch of class. And, the great news is they’re very affordable. You can buy them as individual soap bars or in sets of 3 or sets of 6.

Personalized Soap

I love to give these a bridal shower gift or wedding gifts – personalize the bride and groom’s name and date of wedding and voila! You have the most unique gift at the party.  They also make great party favors, and arrive prepackaged in white gift boxes. Just specify the event and date and you’re all set.

You can buy these soaps in the classic Aqua Mineral fragrance – a clean, fresh, and addictive light fragrance. Or select a Signature Spa scent which includes Lavender, Satsuma, Verbena, and more.

Expecting guests? Impress them with the Personalized Soap Guest Set which includes 3 personalized soaps, plus monogrammed linen-like disposable towels. These sophisticated sets also make wonderful hostess gifts.

Personalized soap make unique, thoughtful gifts that are sure to please.

Custom Cordage “The Right Mat” Lobster Rope Doormats: Find Online Now

2012 April 18
by Karen

Buy The Right Mat by Custom Cordage and Save 20% Online Now! (offer expires 5/15/2012)

We first came across The Right Mat over 3 years ago and instantly fell in love with this eco-friendly, colorful Lobster Rope Doormat. Made by Custom Cordage in Waldoboro, Maine each doormat is handwoven from recycled Maine float-rope once used by Maine lobstermen. Instead of sending this wonderful rope to landfills, the owner of Custom Cordage, David Bird, came up with the clever idea to weave them into durable doormats.The Right Mat by Custom Cordage

We’ve known David Bird for years now and are thrilled his innovative idea has become so popular. And, as the first to sell the Lobster Rope Doormats online we’ve shipped colorful float-rope to all corners of the nation.

Now, here’s our latest picks for top The Right Mat doormat colors:

1) The Colors of Maine  (funky multi-colored ropes woven based upon what’s available at the time)

2) Purple, Orange, Yellow -(so vibrant – it just pops off your doorstep!)

3) Seafoam, Yellow, Black (this handsome doormat is a bit more conservative with just there right amount of yellow splash)

4) Seafoam & Orange (maybe you caught this one running in a major TV spot for any insurance company…?)

5) Orange, Green, Black (very pleasing 3-stripe color combination)

Check out all the colors and sizes of Lobster Rope Doormats online now. And, if you’re ever near Waldoboro Maine, please stop by Custom Cordage and tell David Bird we said hello!

Handmade Leather Journals are a Perfect Gift for Men!

2012 February 23
by Karen

We all know them. The guys that go mute when it comes to gift-giving. Try as you might to get them to spill the beans, they’ll never tell you what they really want. My dad is one of those guys. Everytime us kids asked him what he wanted for Father’s Day or Christmas he’d just say “P & Q”. Ugh! Thank goodness for Aqua Velva.

This year, when it comes to gift-giving for men I’m going to boycott the department store displays that present everything from a radio-controlled nose hair trimmer to an inflatable desk set with built-in golf course. I’m not going to browse the bookstore looking for the last best seller, knowing he’s probably already downloaded it onto his Kindle. And, I am definitely not going with socks (although my husband REALLY needs them).Torbat Leather Journal

This year all the men in my life are getting a handmade rustic leather journal. It works well for those who like to journal regularly, it’s a wonderful “idea book” for any businessman, and it’s a great way for my dad to jot down notes and measurements on his current workshop project. It’s just cool. From capturing trip memories and notes (my parents like to get in the car and drive for days without any real plan), to simply logging the important memories of the day. This is a gift I know they’ll like but would probably never splurge on for themselves!

The Torbat Leather Journal sort of reminds me of something an early explorer might have had in his pack… rustic brown leather filled with heavy-stock ivory vellum pages that are actually hand-torn for an aged look. A leather wraparound strap secures the journal on the outside. It’s very Indiana Jones-ish, I must say!

The Trees Leather Journal is made from a soft medium brown leather with a hand-stamped image of a forest on the cover. It, too, has the unique hand-torn pages.

Both make great gifts for Dad, Hubby, Bro… and especially Gramps. And, if it turns out they really DID want the radio-controlled nose butler, then The New England Trading Company has a great return policy (although we’ve never received a journal back to date!).



Caring for and Seasoning Your Wood Salad Bowl – 15 Minute Trick

2012 January 4
by Karen

Caring for your wood bowls is actually quite easy. Just remember 3 things:

1) Wash each wood bowl by hand but never let it sit in water.

2) Sanitize with white vinegar.

3) Season your wood bowls when you first buy them and once a month thereafter. This tip is important – but often skipped. Why?

Most people purchase mineral oil and soak their wood bowls for hours to season them. In my opinion that’s a lot of messy work and hassle. It makes seasoning your wood bowls a task you love to procrastinate. But, all you need to season your bowls in 15 minutes is a special bowl rub formula that was first used by colonial bowl turners in 1820. It was developed by Iddo Kimball, a dry goods merchant and cobbler, and you can find this unique wood bowl rub here.

Just apply the rub to your new bowl daily for 1 week and rub off the excess. After a week, apply the rub once per week for 3 weeks. Thereafter you just need to apply the rub monthly. And, it only takes 15 minutes and is mess-free. No drips or spills to clean up. This wonderful wood bowl rub protects your bowls from drying out and leaves a soft luster. Works wonders on older bowls, too! Now everyone can revive their woodenware regularly, hassle-free.

Find more information on wood bowl care.




100% Wool Throws from a Sustainable Farm in Maine (plus, check out the cute lamb images!)

2011 November 12
by Karen

OK, I admit it. There’s 2 reasons for this blog post. First, I need to introduce you all to The Maine Blanket – a collection of wool throws we’ve recently added that are crafted on a sustainable farm in Maine.

And, second…? I am dying to share these pictures of the most amazingly adorable lambs and border collies that live on that Maine farm. I better get it out of the way or I won’t be able to concentrate.2 adorable lambs on the farmBorder Collie and lamb on the farm

Makes us want to start raising sheep!

OK, onto the other star of the show: The Maine Blanket. An incredibly soft all-natural throw that is bio-regionally produced (all steps of production occur within a 5-hour radius). Nanne, a wool expert and owner of the Maine farm, not only raises the grass-fed sheep, trains the border collies that herd the flock, shears the 100% fine wool , but dyes the wool in an exclusive botanical and seawater process that replaces chemicals and petroleum heat.

And, the most important part? They’re ITCH-FREE. Maybe that’s not the most important (given how environmentally responsible these products are) but late at night you know it matters!Itch-Free 100% Wool Throws

Nanne’s blanket have been on display at Maine State Museum and now you can enjoy them in your own home.  They’re the greenest source of warmth you’ll find this winter! And, just think of those cute lambs as you cuddle up in the all-natural warmth created right here in New England.


Our New Fave: Sea Stones “Sticks & Stones” Granite Swizzle Sticks

2011 October 24
by Karen

The Granite Drink Chiller phenomenon continues! Sea Stones latest offering in the “cool way to cool your drink” category are these funky swizzle sticks that have 2 granite stones attached to them. You pop them in the freezer for bit and when they’re nice and cold use them to mix and chill your drink. Really, what a fun way to serve Long Island ice teas, Highballs, or even sparkling water to your guests. They’re certainly a unique conversation piece.Sticks & Stones Swizzle Sticks

I’m actually planning to use the set of 2 swizzle sticks as a hostess gift this year. Made from New Hampshire granite, they arrive with a free glass, a free wood stand (it’s a sturdy way of storing them in your bar or freezer), and a free gift box. So, basically, just add the gift wrap and you’re done!

You can find the Sticks & Stones Granite Swizzle Sticks at The New England Trading Company this holiday season. Available individually and in sets of 2.



Lobster Rope Baskets (Maine Float Rope Baskets) Have Arrived!

2011 September 12
by Karen

We’re very excited to now offer these new Lobster Rope Baskets! Made from the same recycled lobster rope used for our popular Lobster Rope Doormats, these vibrant and colorful baskets are handwoven in Down East Maine. They’re another innovative way to recycle the Maine float-rope that was once used to tether lobster traps together in the Atlantic Ocean. Maine fishermen can no longer use float-rope because it was entangling and causing injury to the Northern Right Whale (a protected species). They’ve switched to safer sinking rope  – which is great for the whales but not so much for the environment. With hundreds of thousands of pounds of discarded rope destined for landfills it only made sense that a clever Mainer decided to start weaving it into doormats – and now baskets!

The float rope baskets come in 2 sizes – Medium and Large – and in a multitude of colors. The color basket you receive is dependent upon the rope available at the time but no worries – ALL the baskets look great and add a nice splash of unexpected color to any room.

For specific color requests, please call 1-877-244-7789.

The New England Trading Company has been selling the Lobster Rope Doormats since 2009, along with other unique handcrafted items made in New England.

Cedar Plank Grilling – New Post by Martin Crawford

2011 May 25
by Karen

Hi everyone,

Our guest blogger, Martin Crawford, just posted a new article about his experience grilling salmon on cedar planks for the first time. It’s a quick read, and even includes a tip on a perfect beer (yes, beer!) to pair with it. Hey, it’s all about the taste.

Check out his post here: Cedar Plank Grilling: Eat Like a King

Cedar plank grilling works well for salmon and shrimp, as Martin points out, but we’ve also had great success with steak kabobs and even chicken. The smoky taste is light, not overpowering, and just seems to enhance the marinade.

And the smell while it is cooking is enough to make your mouth water and stomach grumble. In fact I definitely recommend enjoying an appetizer first, or you just might devour your dinner!

The Compass Rose Copper Table

2011 February 14
by Karen

 We just love this Compass Rose Copper Table. It works both as a distinctive side table or as a spotlight piece between two cozy armchairs in your living room. Just gazing at the compass rose etched into the copper table top makes you imagine long voyages at sea, spices and other goods being sold and traded, salty wind and water rising up quickly during an unexpected squall, the challenges faced by brave sailors over the course of hundreds and hundreds of years… and all the mysteries that lay below the ocean surface.

This impressive 18″ diameter copper table is handcrafted right here on the New England seacoast and sits atop of solid mahogany base. It includes the famouse Oliver W. Holmes quote “The great thing in this world is not so much where we stand, as in what direction we are moving…We must sail sometimes with the wind, and sometimes against it. But we must sail, and not drift, nor lie at anchor.”

Rarely is this copper top table on sale… but for now it is being offered for 10% off. Offer subject to change anytime… now’s the time to order your table and save over $75.