New Granite Drink Chillers – Not Just For Scotch Lovers!

2010 September 21
by Karen

I just love, love, love getting new products in to test. And, when these Granite Drink Chillers arrived I was no less excited, even though I can’t really call myself a scotch or whiskey enthusiast.  Still, I know there are a lot of connoissuers out there who visit The New England Trading Company and these swanky granite stones would be hugely popular – plus land on a lot of gift lists.

Granite "On The Rocks" Drink Chillers

Granite "On The Rocks" Drink Chillers

Since it was 11:00 in the morning – a bit too early for scotch – I decided to test these on my morning drink of choice – Diet Wild Cherry Pepsi. Now, I know a lot of people are cringing out there, but it’s very important to test these before selling them, right? I’d already popped several granite “ice cubes” in the freezer about 3 hours prior, so I grabbed 2 out and carefully placed them in a glass and added warm soda. It didn’t take too long for my soda to be cooled to a nice, crisp temperature, and I was able to sip it over the course of the next hour without losing one bit of the taste. No water dilution, no strange odors from chlorinated water… just, simply, cold Wild Cherry Pepsi.

So, there you go! These granite “On The Rocks” drink chillers not only work for fine spirits but for fine soda as well. And, they look great on the bar and in a glass. For under $30 they make a really unique gift for “hard to shop for” people, as well as a nice hostess gift. Two thumbs up!

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