Best Vermont Organic Soap Picks for Dry Skin

2010 September 23
by Karen

As the cold weather approaches, many begin to see the telltale signs of dry skin. Itchiness, tightness, and presence of dry, scaly patches are common effects of the lower humidity levels. Here are a few Vermont Soap Organic bar soaps that may help alleviate the dryness and make you more comfortable:

Baby Soap – light lavender scent and very mild for hair and skin

Butter Bar – made with shea nut butter, its an excellent choice for thirsty skin.

Unscented Organic Soap  – includes soothing organic oats  and aloe vera

Lavender Swirl – soothing lavender scent with an attractive mineral swirl

Oatmeal Lavender – a wonderful choice for dry skin. Soothing organic oatmeal with a  light lavender scent.

Remember, all Vermont Soaps are handmade with a base of hypoallergenic vegetable base of coconut, palm, olive, and palm kernel oils. All bars are facial quality. Choose from 16 different Vermont Soap Organics blends for different skin types. This certified organic soap is USDA approved. Also available in organic soap boxes of 12.

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