Caring for and Seasoning Your Wood Salad Bowl – 15 Minute Trick

2012 January 4
by Karen

Caring for your wood bowls is actually quite easy. Just remember 3 things:

1) Wash each wood bowl by hand but never let it sit in water.

2) Sanitize with white vinegar.

3) Season your wood bowls when you first buy them and once a month thereafter. This tip is important – but often skipped. Why?

Most people purchase mineral oil and soak their wood bowls for hours to season them. In my opinion that’s a lot of messy work and hassle. It makes seasoning your wood bowls a task you love to procrastinate. But, all you need to season your bowls in 15 minutes is a special bowl rub formula that was first used by colonial bowl turners in 1820. It was developed by Iddo Kimball, a dry goods merchant and cobbler, and you can find this unique wood bowl rub here.

Just apply the rub to your new bowl daily for 1 week and rub off the excess. After a week, apply the rub once per week for 3 weeks. Thereafter you just need to apply the rub monthly. And, it only takes 15 minutes and is mess-free. No drips or spills to clean up. This wonderful wood bowl rub protects your bowls from drying out and leaves a soft luster. Works wonders on older bowls, too! Now everyone can revive their woodenware regularly, hassle-free.

Find more information on wood bowl care.




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