Cedar Plank Grilling – New Post by Martin Crawford

2011 May 25
by Karen

Hi everyone,

Our guest blogger, Martin Crawford, just posted a new article about his experience grilling salmon on cedar planks for the first time. It’s a quick read, and even includes a tip on a perfect beer (yes, beer!) to pair with it. Hey, it’s all about the taste.

Check out his post here: Cedar Plank Grilling: Eat Like a King

Cedar plank grilling works well for salmon and shrimp, as Martin points out, but we’ve also had great success with steak kabobs and even chicken. The smoky taste is light, not overpowering, and just seems to enhance the marinade.

And the smell while it is cooking is enough to make your mouth water and stomach grumble. In fact I definitely recommend enjoying an appetizer first, or you just might devour your dinner!

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