Maine Sea Salt vs. Store Bought Sea Salt

2010 November 1
by Karen

Hi everyone,

We just added a new line to our Gourmet Food category – all-natural sea salt made in Maine. Sea salt has really grown in popularity in recent years, and you can now find sea salt in just about any grocery store. I’ve purchased grocery store sea salt before and, truthfully, have really like it. Of course, I always wondered how natural and pure it really was. Anything made in mass quantities has to be subjected to some sort of process or additive to ensure the millions of bottles stay fresh. Well, we’ve now added this new Maine sea salt line and I’ve really been enlightened. Here are a few reasons I’ll now always use pure Maine sea salt:

  • Some sea salts bought in grocery stores are still processed so it looks nice and white. Bleach, drying agents, etc. are often added to improve the eye appeal of the sea salt.
  • Real, natural unprocessed sea salt is not as pretty. It is irregular, moist, clumps in your hand, and is off-white. But, it is worth they ugly because you end up with a natural product that is free of chemicals and agents.
  • Real sea salt often has a higher concentration of trace minerals from the sea that actually add flavor.

Our new line of sea salt is  made made by evaporating fresh Gulf of Maine sea water in shallow pools within solar greenhouses. Coarse crystals are formed as the ocean water evaporates, leaving behind pure sea salt crystals. The sea salt is never bleached, no drying agents are added, and it is completely chemical free. It comes in 4 flavors – natural, garlic (infused with natural garlic) , apple smoked, and hickory smoked. The smoked salts are made using all-natural wood fires that burn until each crystal is infused with the smoky flavor. They work wonders on meats.

So, once again, I’ve become more educated simply by learning more about the New England products around me. Going forward, our Maine sea salt is the only sea salt I’ll use.

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