Our New Fave: Sea Stones “Sticks & Stones” Granite Swizzle Sticks

2011 October 24
by Karen

The Granite Drink Chiller phenomenon continues! Sea Stones latest offering in the “cool way to cool your drink” category are these funky swizzle sticks that have 2 granite stones attached to them. You pop them in the freezer for bit and when they’re nice and cold use them to mix and chill your drink. Really, what a fun way to serve Long Island ice teas, Highballs, or even sparkling water to your guests. They’re certainly a unique conversation piece.Sticks & Stones Swizzle Sticks

I’m actually planning to use the set of 2 swizzle sticks as a hostess gift this year. Made from New Hampshire granite, they arrive with a free glass, a free wood stand (it’s a sturdy way of storing them in your bar or freezer), and a free gift box. So, basically, just add the gift wrap and you’re done!

You can find the Sticks & Stones Granite Swizzle Sticks at The New England Trading Company this holiday season. Available individually and in sets of 2.



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