Vermont Soap Choices for Oily Skin

2010 September 24
by Karen

Hi everyone,
Yesterday we discussed the top Vermont soap choices for dry skin – today we’ll go over how to combat oily skin using organic soaps from Vermont Soap.

According to the Vermont Soap Organics website, you should wash the affected areas twice a day (morning and night) and consider using a Vermont Soap with mint in it. Mint is a powerful herbal astringent and can really help dry up oily patches. If acne is an issue, you can try the Vermont Soap Aloe Tea Tree bars. The Blue Bar may help for cystic acne.

Here are a few Vermont Soap choice for dry skin:
Peppermint Magic
Wood Spice
Citrus Sunrise
Tea Tree Oil
Balsalm Swirl
Blue Bar

These soaps will help you address the problem; to resolve it consider taking a look at your diet. Vermont Soap recommends on their website that you avoid “bad oils” like those found in processed food. Avoid cottonseed oil or partially hydrogenated oils when possible. Eat less meat and more whole grains. Get your rest. Take care of yourself. It’s amazing how many skin & hair problems can be linked back to a poor diet, and lack of sleep. So, give healthy living a try for while and see what happens. Good luck!

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